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TKPC-100BRB | Ultimate Guide to Shampoo Shower Pumps: Maximizing Convenience and Preservation

Based in Taiwan, China, Vietnam since 1993, Taixing K.K. Plastic Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer of TKPC-100BRB, lotion dispensing pumps, roll-on packages, soap dispenser pumps, shampoo shower pumps and cosmetic pumps. An innovative manufacturer of dispensing pumps and packaging solutions for B2B buyers worldwide, enhancing product delivery and sustainability.

TKPC stands at the forefront of packaging innovation, specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of premium lotion dispensing pumps and roll-on packages. With a keen focus on serving the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, TKPC offers a diverse range of high-end solutions including deodorant bottles, antiperspirant bottles, eye shadow caps, external medicine containers, perfume bottles, and lip oil caps. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction positions us as a leading partner for brands worldwide seeking reliable and aesthetically pleasing packaging solutions. Whether you're launching a new product or looking to upgrade your current packaging, TKPC's expertise in delivering functional, stylish, and customizable options ensures your product stands out in the competitive market.

TKPC has been offering customers eco-friendly cosmetic pump solutions for businesses, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, TKPC ensures each customer's demands are met.


with normal clip in market, Suitable for baby message oil and cleansing oil; 1-2ml per stroke
Priming times are less than 5; could do any injection color

Closure Size

  • 24/410


Oil Pump Dispenser, which is suitable for all kinds of Essential Oil products, Facial Cleansing products, Baby Oil products, Edible Oil products, etc.


  • Main Features:
  • To prevent residual liquid from dropping into the table after using;
  • To prevent the residual liquid from being contaminated by dirt;
  • The Suck back piece on the nozzle head can be designed with different colours, and looks more beautiful;
  • The suck back piece is softer and elastic, easier to press;
  • Can be applied to lotion, oil, and water products。