Our patent designs with some useful functions like Water shield function, Suck-back and Counter-tamper seal have helped customers solved many possible problems, thus improved their product image quite a lot.

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TKPC 恒达代理反点【┃好计划2⒏7⒏01705{Q】】 Service Introduction

Taixing K.K. Plastic Co., Ltd. is Taiwan, China, Vietnam 恒达代理反点【┃好计划2⒏7⒏01705{Q】】 supplier and manufacturer with more than 20 years experence. Since 1993, in the Packaging materials industry, TKPC has been offering our customers high quality 恒达代理反点【┃好计划2⒏7⒏01705{Q】】 production service. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, TKPC always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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