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TKPC-15B | Cosmetic Pump | Soap Dispenser Pump Manufacturing and Supply - TKPC

Taixing K.K. Plastic Co., Ltd., since 1993, is a TKPC-15B | shower and soap dispenser pump manufacturer based in Taiwan, China, Vietnam.

Awarded Excellent supplier, patented design, ISO certified manufacturing process, TKPC's roll on perfume & deodorant, dispenser and pump can be custom designed to meet your market needs.

TKPC has been offering customers high-quality oil pump and body wash dispenser in plastic bottle packaging industry, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, TKPC ensures to meet each customer's demands.


TKPC-15B 18/415
Lotion Pump: 0.15CC


* The best solution for skin care & cosmetic products. * Spring Isolation Design, no touch with formula. * Less prime time when the first use, more friendyly & convenient for customer, better experience feeling.


  • Product Model:TKPC-15B
  • Cap size: 18/415 20/400 20/410 all available
  • Output :0.15ml/T
  • Dust cap:YES
  • Actuator:PP
  • Plunger :PP
  • Spring :SUS304; SUS316 is available
  • gasket :PE
  • Piston :PE
  • Chaplet :PP
  • Closure :PP
  • Housing :PP
  • Dip Tube:PE
  • Guarantee:No Leakage, clean, no touch with spring
  • Features:
  • •Simple, convenience and standard volume
  • •Able to pump any lotions
  • •Different types of pumps are available.
  • •Aluminum coatings/ electroplating on pumps can be applied to look more attractive.